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You’re about to welcome a child into your life. Congratulations!

Bringing a baby into the world will be one of the most important experiences of your life. It will also be one of the most intense moments of your life.

Doesn’t it make sense to have someone who can help make the experience a little bit easier? Someone who can tell you what to expect, someone who will be there to comfort you, help you relax, and attend to your emotional needs? That’s what I can do for you as your doula.

Having a doula at your delivery will help you feel better, but I can also help with far more than just how you feel when you give birth. Scientific studies show that doula care often results in markedly improved physical outcomes, both for mother and baby.

So what is a doula, exactly? And what can I do for you?

A Doula helps guide you through labor and delivery. As your Doula, I will bring my knowledge, provide physical and emotional support, and work to make your delivery a joyful, positive experience. Because we will have met before your delivery to discuss options, I will know, before we are together in the delivery room, what you want and I will support you in a way that is customized to your specifications. I will help create a respectful birthing atmosphere for you and your baby.

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Studies show…

Women who receive one-to-one specialized care during delivery are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births, are less likely to report dissatisfaction during childbirth, are likely to have shorter labor, and are less likely to have a cesarean.

As your birth Doula…

Lori Hand Doula in Mass and Southern NH

I will meet with you a few weeks before your due date to discuss options and what to expect during childbirth. We can also discuss your options to make the experience easier for your partner. I’ll also be with you at the hospital, and can help you with labor and act as a soothing force for you and your partner during and after delivery.

You deserve to have compassionate, continuous non-judgmental support during your delivery. You deserve a kind birthing experience. I can help provide that.

I will bring my knowledge and experience to your birthing experience. Having me there to support you each step of the way will bring you not only physical comfort but peace of mind.

Lori Hand Doula in Mass and Southern NH
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